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Welcome To the Immortal and Powerful Mexican-Jaguars

Capa del Señor Con Poder
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New Ron Howard film to depict conquest of Aztecs

Are you a descendant of the Original People of the Americas? 

If so, know that the blood of Ancient Nahuas, Tarascans, Yeomen, Mayo, Zeri, Popoluca, Otomi, Amuzgo, Tlaxcalteca, Tlapaneca, Zapoteca, Mixteca, Raramuri, Kora, Huichol, Tzotzil, Chamula, Chiapaneco, Yukateco, Lacandon, Mixe, Aymara, Quechua, Mapuche, Lakota, Apsalooka, Zuni, Dineh and so forth, runs in your veins! 

Huaxcani Canca, Huehuestique Tecuanitzintla!

Welcome Home, Ancient Jaguars!

Welcome Relatives: Welcome to the Mexican-Jaguars' Website!

 Please support our fight against:

  • Sham New Agers-  '['Wanabbees']
  • Plastice Medicine Men
  • Racist policies against our kinsmen
  • Against Race mixing [We believe that Blacks should stay black, whites white, Asians Asians, and we should stay Original!]
  • Help us create an Indigenous Union of the Original Americans with realistic and social policies.
  • Creating alliances with our racial kin living throughout the American continent.
  •  Help us revive our ancient spirituality.
  •  Help us spread the political, scientific, philosophical, etc., literature and ideology of our people to our people. 


For honor and Glory!  For Land and Family!  For Our People and Community!  For our Blood and Heritage!

We must Unite because it is our destiny ...  because it is in numbers where we will find our strength!


This is Our Awakening! 

Immortality and Glory Through Simplicity! 


Rules of Conduct:

You are part of the Mexican-Jaguars, and as a Mexican-Jaguar you are prepare to sacrifice yourself and give your blood and life to the honor of your people, and to defend and fight for your people and land. 

Understand these words, for they represent you:


















Mexican-Jaguar's Oath:

As I eat this Sacred Earth

I Promise to Always Honor

The Bravery and Disciplined Life of my Ancestors.

That I will never bring shame to their glorious name and past.

I also promise to Defend and Fight for:

Our Culture, Our Fatherland, and Our Race! 


Code of the Mexican-Jaguars:

I. The Mexican-Jaguars' Members must acquire and master the skill and art of combat, of military tactics, and strategies, etc., so as to bring any type of confrontation with the enemy to a final victorious conclusion.

II.  The Mexican-Jaguars' Members must have an unfailing spiritual power and a firm belief and conviction in final victory.

III.  The Mexican-Jaguars' Members will practice complete obedience and complete execution of their duties. 

The Ten Commandments of the Mexican-Jaguars:
  1. We must never kill anyone but in defense of our own lives.
  2. We must never know any woman besides our own.
  3. We must never take any things that belong to another.
  4. We must never lie nor get drunk.
  5. We must not be avaricious.
  6. We must give generously and with joy and share our subsistence with those who are in need of it.
  7. In all your acts, self-interest shall be cast away.
  8. Look and listen for the welfare of the whole people.
  9. And have always in view not only the present, but also the coming generations. The unborn of the future nation.
  10. With endless patience, the Mexican-Jaguars shall carry out their duty. Their firmness shall be tempered with a tenderness for their people.  Neither anger nor fury shall find lodging in their minds, and all their words and actions shall be marked by calm deliberation.


Sing: 'Mexican-Jaguars!' 'Victorious!'


Though others betray our Race, Nation, and Ancestors, WE, of the Mexican-Jaguars will remain Forever Faithful!!
This is Our Awakening!
Our Ancestors in Our Blood!
Our Family and Land in Our Hearts!



House of the New Dawn

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Welcome to the Mexican-Jaguars' Stronghold

I turn to Simplicity, I turn again to Purity!

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Lucio Cabañas
¡De nican para tech quixtizque xtopa tech mictizque!
De aquí para poder sacarnos, primero tendrán que matarnos!
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